Workplace Investigations

Under California law, employers have a duty to investigate claims of sexual harassment and discrimination.

We provide prompt and efficient workplace investigations.

At the Broderick Saleen Law Firm, our experienced employment attorneys know how to conduct prompt, investigations that are thorough, yet efficient.  Having an employee perform an internal investigation of an employee discrimination or sexual harassment complaint made at your business could be viewed as biased, even if you have the best intentions. In addition, our experienced attorneys know the laws and requirements for employers in California, and will help ensure that you are complying with what the law requires of your company.

If your company has been notified of an employee complaint. Do not delay. California law required you to take prompt action, and the first step should be to conduct a legally adequate investigation.

Contact our offices today to speak with an attorney about your options and best next steps.  Contact workplace investigators and skilled employment attorney Timothy Broderick to get assistance right away.