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Broderick Law Collects Over $5 million for Sexual Harassment Victim

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Angelica A.


If you need a firm that really cares about you and your difficult case, Broderick Saleen Law Firm is the place for you. Not only will Katrina Saleen help you remain calm during such a challenging time, she is extremely knowledgable, helpful and honest when providing legal advice regarding you specifically. Tim Broderick also provides care and consulting you can trust.

Lina P.


When I needed to talk to someone about my work situation Katrina was great. She was knowledgeable & helpful. She made dealing with a bad situation easier. Highly recommend Katrina!

Lindsey O.


I had a very positive experience with Broderick Saleen Law Firm and have recommended their legal services to family and friends. I was in need of legal consultation and their lawyers provided very helpful advice for a complicated problem. They talked me through my options, and were up front with me about the challenges I faced. I was able to get the result I wanted thanks to their advice.



I am so lucky I found Broderick Saleen Law Firm, especially Katrina! Katrina was very quick to respond to emails and communicate with me over the phone. Katrina was accessible, provided cost estimates, and answered all my questions to the fullest. She was on top of it, she knew what my rights were and didn’t waste any time getting the job taken care of.  I needed a Cease and Desist letter to be sent, which was taken care of immediately. The letter said exactly what needed to be said and got the problem solved. Thank you, Katrina!!

Annette M.


I had a great experience with Broderick Saleen. I had a problem at work and complained to HR, but HR was not helping me and even seemed to be protecting management instead of me, the victim. The lawyers at Broderick Saleen told me about my rights and presented me with some different options to go forward depending on my goals. They explained to me that problems at work involve an interactive process and helped me with how to interact with HR and how to move forward against my employer when I started being treated poorly because I complained.  The lawyers at Broderick Saleen let me know that what I was experiencing was unlawful retaliation and that this was another separate claim against my employer. They also let me know that when you are sexually harassed at work, you have claims against the employer, but also against the harasser himself. I was proud of myself for standing up to my harasser and my employer, but I could not have done it without this firm. I felt that by hiring this firm, they were taking a big weight off my shoulders and it helped make me less anxious about the whole situation. I would recommend Broderick Saleen to anyone looking for skilled employment lawyers to help them through work problems and legal action to protect their rights. Don’t try to handle work problems yourself without asking for help. Call this firm. They know what they are doing.

Josh P.


I am so lucky that I found Broderick Saleen Law Firm.  Tim Broderick and Katrina Saleen really know their stuff, and they were able to get me through a tough time with the understanding that I was looking for. I had an issue with my employment, and the stress I was feeling was unbelievable. I didn’t know the law and didn’t know I had the power to do anything about it.  A friend recommended that I contact Broderick Saleen, and from the start I knew that I had found the right firm.  The lawyers made themselves accessible to me and made me feel like I was a priority.  They were able to obtain a settlement for me that was better than what I anticipated.  They also kept me informed every step of the way, which was really important to me, especially because I am not experienced with lawsuits and legal situations. They fought hard for me, and it paid off. They were able to get me the justice that I deserved. I encourage anyone suffering mistreatment like harassment or discrimination at work to stand up for themselves and find a lawyer to fight for their rights the way that Tim and Katrina fought for me.

Emma C.


I had an excellent experience working with the team at Broderick Saleen. From start to finish they were reliable and clear communicators – I never waited long for a response and they always explained their strategy thoroughly which is important for someone who is new to the legal environment! I can’t thank them enough for advising me during a difficult time. They were reassuring throughout the entire process and helped me understand my options. I found them to be the perfect combination of professional and personable.

Will T.


I had never consulted with an attorney before and I needed advice on a contract issue. I went to Broderick Saleen for help and they quickly found an ambiguity in the language that I was able to use to my advantage. Broderick Saleen alerted me to my legal rights and explained my options in a way that was easy to understand. Broderick Saleen gave me effective advice and I could tell that they really cared about getting me the best possible results. I would definitely come back in the future and I will continue to recommend Tim Broderick and Katrina Saleen to friends and family.