Taking Action for Sexual Assault and Sexual Battery

The effects of sexual abuse and battery are longterm and devastating and coping with the experience can be daunting. For any victim, the next steps lie in self-care and recovering–physically and spiritually–from the experience. Talking to a sexual abuse lawyer can be an important step in bringing the perpetrator to justice and achieving that closure.

The sexual abuse lawyers at Broderick Saleen have had demonstrable success in helping victims hold their abusers accountable. They understand that their clients have experienced unwanted and traumatizing sexual contact and are committed to helping their clients achieve justice through the legal system.

Experiencing Sexual Abuse or Sexual Battery? Act Now.

Understandably, victims are often fearful of coming forward and discussing their experience, due to the inherent discomfort of doing so or for fear that they will not be taken seriously. Sometimes, as in personal relationships, there may be denial of the severity or misplaced self-blame. There may be other compelling reasons as well.

However, victims have the right to take action and sexual abuse lawyers offer the means to do so. At Broderick Saleen, you can be assured that our lawyers treat clients with the respect and dignity as they build your case and will always put the clients’ interests first.

Seek Help:

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual battery and want to discuss your next steps, call a sexual abuse lawyer right away to confidentially discuss the case. The Broderick Saleen Law Firm has experienced sexual abuse lawyers in Sacramento, California and Palo Alto, California.  The attorneys at Broderick Saleen provide free and confidential consultations for victims of sexual assault or sexual battery by phone or at their offices in Sacramento and Palo Alto. To make an appointment, call (916) 550-3092 or (650) 857-9000.  Call today. No obligation.

Sexual Harassment Outside of Work