Common Mistakes of Sexual Harassment Victims

You know you’ve been harassed and it’s time to take action. Your next steps could have important consequences for your sexual harassment case. Educate yourself and preserve the integrity of your sexual harassment case.

Click through the links below to our articles and videos detailing some of the common mistakes that sexual harassment victims make and explaining how to avoid these pitfalls.

  1.  Not Telling the Harasser to Stop
  2. Not Documenting the Harassment
  3. Not Reporting the Harassment Early
  4. Failing to Follow-Up After Complaining to the Employer
  5.  Not Getting Mental Healthcare Early
  6. Not Knowing What Constitutes Actionable Sexual Harassment or Discrimination
  7. Not Understanding Retaliation
  8. Taking Management’s or the Human Resource Department’s Word for a Determination That the Victim Does Not Have a Case of Harassment or Discrimination
  9. Failing to File an Administrative Complaint in Time
  10. Not Checking for an Arbitration Agreement
  11. Not Getting an Attorney Involved Early in the Process
How to Cope with Sexual Harassment